Design and CNC machine cutting

The first stage of every WikiHouse is design and cutting of the timber sheets.
  •  WikiHouseAU designs are derived from ‘Open Sourced’ creative commons.
  • Computer Aided Designs (CAD) are converted to CNC (Computer Numeric Control) driver format. CNC cutting provides speed and accuracy in cutting sheet material.
  • The parts are efficiently arranged in cutting patterns to save wastage  and sheets coded  W-wall, F-floor and R-roof for ease of use and checking.
  • Sheets are CNC cut in ‘break out’ format (like an aeroplane kit) to control handling, efficiency with palettes stacked in the order of erection.
  • The CNC cut sheets are stacked in four separate palettes; floor, wall, roof cassettes and splines (elbows).

CNC machine cut sheets

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