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    WikiHouseAU is:

    A flat packed house for ‘Do It Yourself’ assembly for affordability. It is a combination of panel construction (cassettes) and structural ‘elbows’ working as one.  All sheet timber materials are sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sources. Accurately… Read More

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    Designs to suit your needs

    Q: I have some land and I am thinking about a WikiHouse.  What are my options?

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    Designs that scale regardless of the size of your project

    You’re perhaps living in remote Australia and you are looking to: – Build some farm stays with ‘WikiPads’ – Build some eco cabins of various sizes – Build an artist or craft studio – Build a manager’s cottage… Read More

Feature Story

The WikiHouse Story so far


Since inception in 2011, fourteen WikiHouse chapters have been subsequently set up around the world, which are collectively feeding back experience and improvements. Our initial aim of WikiHouseAU is to custom design, CNC fabricate and build a WikiShell cabin on the Gold Coast to prove the structural system, adapt to Australian climatic conditions/building codes and to run ‘hands on’ workshops and display. The initial WikiShell (WikiHut) is being prototyped to determine the expected costs, including materials and the CNC routing cutting services (but excluding freight,  land and onsite costs).

WikiHouse ‘2 Storey’ London

In September 2014, WikiHouse in the UK, unveiled ‘WikiHouse 4.0’ their first two-storey design at the London Design Festival.  Costing lest than £50,000, it was built by a team of volunteers.    

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WikiHouse ‘Studio’ London

The first UK WikiHouse – available to download and purchase. A small, beautifully designed garden studio; an extra space if you need somewhere to work or escape. The studio can be self-assembled, and in many areas it can… Read More

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